DRPS Chiefs of Police
David Edwards
Chief Edwards was the second member to be sworn in as Chief for the DRPS.
He passed away December 12, 2006 at the age of 64.
Chief Edwards began his career as a cadet with the Oshawa Police in 1961, taking his oath as a constable in 1963 and assuming a post in the Criminal Investigation Branch. He rose to the rank of lieutenant in charge of the department.
When the Oshawa force was amalgamated into the regionwide service in 1974 Edwards served as an Inspector and Superintendent, then in 1982 assumed the office of Deputy-Chief under John Jenkins, the first-ever Chief of the service. Mr. Edwards was named Chief in 1988 and continued in the office until his retirement in 1993. He served as the President of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police from 1989-1990. He passed away in 2006.
The DRPS marine vessel is named after him.
Fun Fact
In the summer of 2005 the former chief was honoured by Durham when the service named a police boat after him.